Friday, June 29, 2012

Miracle Cloths from Solutions

I purchased Miracle Cloths from the Solutions catalog a while back because of the rave reviews. I didn't use them in the kitchen (as planned) because they are too large for me.

I decided they would be quite useful if I could cut them in quarters and serge the edges, which is exactly what I did. I LOVE THESE! They've made a huge difference for me. I've always disliked sponges and I use a lot of paper towels. I tried using washclothes, but they weren't quite right. Using the quartered Miracle Cloths, I find that I am ACTUALLY keeping my counters clean!!!! This is huge for me! These cloths are "grippy" and easily remove grime that sponges nor paper towels don't touch. I use a fresh one every day and toss the yucky one (rinsed out) into the washing machine. Truly a great solution for me and my kitchen!

Click on the stack of towels for their link.
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