Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life Just Took A Major Turn-Kitchen Update

Well, my life seems like it has been halted. The landlords want to do a kitchen update. All I can say is how grateful I am that we started tidying when we did last July. We would not have been in any condition to do the update with all that at least I have room to move stuff around.

First step is to remove the wallpaper. This has been so difficult, you just wouldn't believe unless you did it yourself. Tiny shards of paper peel off, leaving the under layer still on the wall. It is extremely messy, tedious, time-consuming work. Even with the wallpaper steamer (thank you to the inventor of this miraculous gadget!), it is a wet, gluey mess and as the days go by, I realize it has already been a couple of weeks since the job got started. I've been helping the wallpaper girl and we're both going out of our minds! Today I moved the refrigerator (yesterday the oven) and I'll fall in bed tired tonight knowing that the kitchen is cleaned up of sticky wallpaper off the floor and ready for tomorrow to do it all again! I'm trying to take just one day at a time, knowing that soon, this will all be over and I can get back to my life. And a new kitchen, to boot. In the meantime, there's lessons to learn!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Kitchen Was Rescued

I promised some photos when I rescued the kitchen. Well...we are into removing the wallpaper, so the counters have been emptied and the work began awhile ago. One day at a time. Funny, I can't let the kitchen GET messy because we need to be in it everyday for wallpaper removal...just a new season here at Tidy House!
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