Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tiny Task #2

Today I did NOT want to draw anything having to do with the refrigerator, but guess what? YEP, there it was! I don't know why I think these things are going to be so difficult, it took just a few minutes! Tossed all the dead, rotting organic material that was stuffed against the back wall (!), used hot water and some cleaner to shine the shelf, done!

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-Tiny Task #1

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tiny Task #1

"Put away chips and bread" which have been sitting around on the counter. I did also need to find a PLACE for these (which was another task) so I did TWO today! I cleared out one of the cubbies and the extra rolls and chips can go under where we keep the bread. It worked well to draw out the tiny task in the morning so I knew what needed to be done and could plan when to fit it into my day. A small, but mighty start!

-Original Tiny Tasks Post

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tiny Tasks

I'm stuck.

I've been wanting to think that I'm done as most of the rooms have been cleaned, purged and cleaned again. But the reality is...the truth is...I've done some good work, but the job is not finished.

So in my "stuck miserable place", I went to the Lord this afternoon for wisdom. I decided I need to look at this area of self-education with a renewed sense of obeying the Lord and "starting again" or maybe just starting phase two now that some of the big stuff has been overcome (only to reveal the little stuff waiting to be overcome and put away).

I knew I needed some time to think. So this afternoon I sat down with a new binder with a section for "cleaning". I started by writing down some things I feel stuck about...WHEN I do have time during the day for some cleaning, I look around, and around and around and wind up overwhelmed...not knowing where to dive in. And then I start the escape plan...usually by sitting at the computer. This has been going on for some weeks (even months) now and needs to be exposed. I'm using this escape as an excuse to not listen to the Lord's prompting my conscience to KEEP GOING.

After repenting, I went to Him for wisdom...I need a plan to complete the vision.

He inspired me to make a list of "tiny tasks" and suggested to focus on these tiny tasks for the month of April. I figured that I might have 20 days in which I'd have some small block of time to take on one of these tiny tasks. He gave me the idea to write each tiny task on a tiny piece of paper. These went into a zippie bag in my notebook (so it doesn't get lost)!

So...tomorrow I should have some time...all I have to do is pick out ONE tiny task-and DO IT. I already feel a weight lifted! Only one at a time and by the end of April, some of these tasks that are dangling will be done! Then it will be time to start in earnest on the sunroom. Of course, there's always the possibility of doing more than one...something I always tell my children, to go above and beyond. So I can focus on not only the tiny task, but maybe more. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kitchen Rescue

I'm constantly amazed how we've been able to keep the dining room tidy...that was completed in September and it is now March...that's more than SIX months! It is a constant source of pleasure...every night I tuck in the chairs, clear off the table and pick up stray items off the floor. This tiny bit of routine maintenance has really paid off. It has become a beneficial habit and keeps the mess from getting out of control.

Last night I was talking with John in the kitchen. I was commenting on the kitchen mess and he said "but it isn't half as bad as it used to be". That gave me some inspiration for a weekend rescue for this room. I took photos today and tomorrow I'll work on getting everything where it goes and wiping down all the counters.

What Do I See? Reality photos...grime on the counters, garbage, recycle, dirty dishes, clean dishes (!), iron, sewing/cutting mat, Legos, pencils and pens, only a few of today's dirty dishes in sink, several items out of place, several items not put away, several items that don't have a home. I think I'll focus on one counter area at a time. I'll post photos tomorrow. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Still Searching For A Sewing Spot

Well...back in December, the sewing machine started off on the dining room table. We then moved it into the sunroom, but the way we had the space set up was just too tight. Next, we tried it here next to the bar counter in the kitchen/playroom. This just doesn't work either. I don't want to give up all that counter space for the cutting mat.

We discussed more options and I think we're going to move the sunroom around (again) and see if we can't get a good sewing spot. Also considering making the living room into the "Lego Room", there are some clear benefits to doing so.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Carpet Cleaning

This gives you the idea! I put two photos together so you can see what the room looks like now! This room has been TRANSFORMED! This room will be used by the kids for lots of play! We still have a ways to go because we tossed things on the table and on top of the bookcases, but with the carpet clean and room tidy it feels fantastic!

Here's a BEFORE pic of the playroom that is also pieced together...we put two 8' counters against the fireplace. These counters split the room in half. We thought the kids would use these flat surfaces for playing, but they just ended up collecting stuff. We put them back in the garage right before painting.
and here they are together:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Final Playroom (Corner)-Before and After

I just can't even believe I'm posting this! The FINAL playroom pics! John was the wind beneath my wings for the last push. We had the carpets cleaned yesterday so that deadline really motivated us to get everything off the floor!

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