Sunday, February 1, 2015

Renewed Vision

We are wanting to move again, so for the month of February, I want to get tidy so packing will go more smoothly! Still some areas haven't been mastered, but I have come such a long way! I actually was able to help a friend brainstorm about some of her tough items and feel inspired with a March 1st deadline.

I want to focus on a new vision which includes:
-being able to have friends and family over at a moment's notice
-all rooms being functional, not used as storage
-having the kitchen be as manageable as when we go to our favorite cabin (I always keep the kitchen tidy when we're away!)

Going back to June 2013, defining freedom:
Freedom is:
-knowing what I have and where it is (I feel really good about this one!)
-when this is true, daily maintenance will be simple with a pick-up and quick tidy (this has been very true except for the living room, which has been storage since we moved in)
-embracing "what's next" for my own self-education (I would like to overcome and BE tidy)
-being completely free to assist my kids with moving their education forward (this needs to happen at a new depth)
-completing long term dangling projects (I completed all of these)

I know what to do. I'm going to schedule 2pm everyday to meet with my professional organizer (ME!) and make headway in February, that's my new goal!
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