Thursday, June 13, 2013

Freedom Is...

I've been at this tidying business a long time, since July 28, 2011, to be precise.
I want F R E E D O M. Freedom continues to call and I want to answer!

My friend Christi sent me a message after the move reminding me that true freedom is worth the effort of obedience to the Lord and to go all the way, cooperating with what He wants to do.

Truth is, since the move, I haven't been cooperating. Cooperating is a deliberate action. I've been "floating" along, allowing myself to be distracted by many things and not being serious about getting free. The very act of moving in March has given me a measure of freedom (thank You Lord!!!) but I'm not finished. I've been enjoying this new partial freedom, but He has more for me.

Today, I got out my "tidy house" notebook. Sometimes I need to "meet with paper and pen" and write down some things which often helps me pray and get clear on my next step.

As I was seeking Him this afternoon, the Lord led me to some particular steps. The first being to DEFINE FREEDOM (with regards to a tidy house) and then a few other steps for the afternoon. I'm going to spend time EVERY AFTERNOON in pursuit of freedom (just like with cooking).

Today's steps:
-define freedom (done)
-write it down (done)
-type it out (done)
-post it where I can see it (done)
-meet with the notebook every day like I did with cooking (ok)
-make map to keep in notebook and label with areas to clean (done)
-clean desk today (to do)

I'm realizing as I type, that the real substance of freedom in this area is "what's next"...I will be able to move on in my self-education (and life!) to the next thing that the Lord has waiting for me. Freedom also has a component of being more available to my children, being not held back by having to clean my house. Intrinsically, it also involves peace of mind and how sweet that is! So I'm going to deepen my definition...


Freedom is:
-knowing what I have and where it is
-when this is true, daily maintenance will be simple with a pick-up and quick tidy
-embracing "what's next" for my own self-education
-being completely free to assist my kids with moving their education forward
-completing long term dangling projects

Now, to clean my desk with all of this in mind!
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