Friday, October 14, 2011

How To Oil A Teak Dining Table

My mom gave us this table as a wedding gift (20+ years ago)...I love it with more with each year that passes. Along with the table, which has a thin teak veneer, she gave me a bottle of lemon furniture oil from the store where she bought the table. She instructed me to "oil" my table when it looked "dry" and minimize sun exposure. I've oiled it maybe once a year and finally used up the last drops in the bottle last year.

Our table gets some sun exposure (not great for a teak veneer table) and hasn't been oiled in quite some time. I started to notice gray areas, a sign that the wood is REALLY thirsty and drying out. This of course is awesome if you have solid teak outdoor furniture, you want it to dry and get gray, I understand it makes it stronger and will last "forever".

Since I was out of lemon furniture oil (and the store has gone out of business), I started looking online for "how to restore teak table" in hopes of finding something I could purchase online. I decided to make this post in hopes someone else out there WON'T FOLLOW THAT ADVICE! I read people BUFFING a teak veneer (!), polishing with furniture wax (!) and various other things that would have ruined my table if I had done it!

USE LEMON FURNITURE OIL. It is lighter consistency than mineral oil, this is the stuff to use. I found Wieman Lemon Oil on eBay and I'm so happy because it is exactly what I was looking for.

The table drank up over a CUP of oil! It looks beautiful! Even my husband noticed (that's REALLY good)!

So, just wanted to tell ya!


  1. Love your table, Michelle! It is especially beautiful after being oiled!

  2. @Mom Thank you Rhonda, I need to do it AGAIN and it's December 1st! Making up for lost time, I suppose.

  3. Whoa, looks brand new! I'll have to do that with all my teak patio furniture!


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