Friday, November 13, 2015

New House

We moved on October 22nd to our new house!

Parting is such sweet sorrow...we loved living on an acre of rural property. So many things we'll miss and many we won't!

We are adjusting very well to our new place. We spent the month before moving in, diligently painting the interior and it turned out great!

My goal this weekend is to empty ALL the boxes INSIDE the house. Then we can start tackling the boxes stacked in the garage.

I've come to realize that my brain was stuck in a repeating loop of negativity before we moved, that went something like this: "I've tried to clean up so many times and it never works, why bother"(!) I didn't realize I was sabotaging my good intentions with fatalistic self-talk!

Yesterday and today, I'm embracing possibility! Going through our stuff is actually FUN knowing that this is our place and I can put things anywhere I like! I've sent out a few bags of giveaway and trying to only keep what we need and that which "sparks joy".

Shortly after we got here, we emptied the cleaning supplies onto the bar. We took what we needed to each bathroom and there was a lot remaining! After dealing with it all, I can actually SEE into the living room! My view of the sofa is no longer blocked!

BEFORE: bar area

AFTER: bar area

Every item was properly evaluated (keep, throw away, give away) and then delivered to its new home. Can't believe how OPEN the sink feels now!

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