Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Final Living Room-Before and After

It is SO nice to have this room clean! The vacuum and some plushies need to be put away, but overall I'm really pleased with the final pictures. Wow, another room DONE. Over this next week, the whole family will really focus on keeping this room looking good by putting things away. As previously mentioned, I want to get a lamp for behind the green chair when it gets moved to the right of the TV in the spring and we need two end tables and two torchiere lamps for the sofa. The room is SO dark during these daylight starved winter days.

Seeing the living room COMPLETE and tidy, is frankly somewhat miraculous. It was SO hard and it took me SO long to overcome this room! The sweet reward of seeing carpet is awesome. I realize I have a testimony of perserverance just in this one room alone.

As I look over this blog as I'm updating the living room photos, I'm astounded. I have come SO far! And as I look over some of the pictures, I can remember and feel what it was like to be stuck. At those times, I couldn't see the "after pictures"...all I could see was the mess in front of me. Oh, how I feel like that in the sunroom and playroom! All I can see is mess (for now).

I really like Vicki Norris' comparison of a life process and riding a bike through a tunnel. As I can see I'm in the latter portion of the tunnel, I can see that "there's light at the end of the tunnel". Hooray! Seriously awesome! I can also turn around and look behind me to see where I started at the opening of the tunnel and how at that time, everything in front of me was veiled in darkness. As I stand nearing the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm struck with "what happens next"? I feel uneasy and maybe a bit afraid...the unknown of what life might be like once this huge process is finally completed. I continue to step forward in faith, knowing that the Lord Himself has given me assurance and power to overcome.

The challenge to actually get rid of junk continues to intensify as we only have two rooms downstairs remaining. The playroom and sunroom are full of stuff we've dumped and the reality as I look around is that probably about 80% of what is here MUST FLOW OUT OF MY HOUSE.

Today we spent 5 minutes in the sunroom, so that is underway!


  1. Michelle, it looks great. I really love the colour scheme and the mantel art is terrific! You are an inspiration.

  2. @Naomi I'm really happy with the changes. Thanks so much for commenting Naomi!

  3. Really fantastic job! Makes me want to get started on my place! Amazing how somebody who can be that messy can make a place look so immaculate! You obviously had it in you all along. Great job! xx

    1. Hi kat,
      Thanks for your comment. I've tried for many, many years unsuccessfully to overcome my messy self. It has truly been a process.

  4. Hi, Its so nice :))
    Can i grab one pic of yours pls. :))
    Its our project for cleneliness can i use one of your photos pretty pls . ^_^

  5. Hello there,
    Thank you so much for asking. Which image would you like?


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