Monday, December 31, 2012

New Kittens!

So much has been happening here! We've been working on the sunroom, playroom and living room. We got things quite tidy and then got out tons of Christmas decorations! I'm putting those away today and tomorrow and really looking forward to cranking up the momentum we were gaining.

Around December 1st, we decided on a date for kittens. I tackled small sections and had the kids pick up their stuff. We put some in giveaway, some found new places to be stored. We gathered all the Legos and picked up the hallway upstairs. We also installed a bookshelf at the top of the stairs! YAY, a place just for library books! We got busy cleaning the kids' rooms in preparation for kittens, which we brought home on December 15th. These new additions have meant a new need for flexibility, as the cat litter is in my powder room! These little sweeties have been such a blessing and we are thoroughly enjoying our new pets.

I'm very excited about the new level of cleanliness we are achieving. The chore box is working beautifully! It has helped me keep track of deep cleaning and projects. An example of deep cleaning might be wiping the moldings and a project would be cleaning out the refrigerator or going through a box. I can easily see when I last did something, which gives me peace of mind and also helps motivate me to do something new, too. We go through our chore box every day at breakfast.

We also do our daily pick-up every day which has given me SUCH HOPE! Now we don't have big messes to clean up, just little tiny ones. I will post photos when the decorations are put away.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stairs, Upstairs Hallway and Bookshelf

This is SO exciting!

We cleaned the stairs. Now every day we do pick up on the stairs...but there isn't anything to pick up, so it is EASY!

We cleaned the upstairs hallway...every day we do pick up...but there isn't anything up there, either!


we took this little dead space outside my son's room and used it for a bookshelf for library books! I'm LOVING this! We measured, had plywood cut to fit and just snuggled the pieces in. They can't go anywhere, so the shelf is sturdy and no fasteners were used-EASY!

Every day we do our daily pick up and it WORKS! The house is staying clean and we are loving that!
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