Sunday, August 16, 2015

New House

Back inside to remind us what it looks like!

We saw inside our new house for the first time on January 17th. We then saw inside it when we did an inspection on April 10th. We haven't been inside since then...until today!

We had no intention of buying a new house, in fact, we didn't think we would ever own our own home again. The doors have been open to buy this house and closed to find a rental in the area we want. We are so grateful!!!

Look how tidy it is inside! It's EMPTY! :) I want to keep it tidy when we move in, so I've been thinking about what's untidy here at the old house.

One thing I really love is that this house isn't too big and the lot seems maintainable. It's really like a whole new fresh start for us. What a blessing.

I've been thinking about what furniture needs to go where and really am visualizing what it will be like to get rid of lots of things so I can have a life focused on meeting the needs of others, instead of hiding out in my junk.

This (long) house buying process has been a huge life metaphor for me that I need to get on paper. I'm really looking forward to what lies ahead for our family here.
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