Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Missing Piece

Cold frosty winter morning driving near our house
Last weekend, the kids put the Christmas decorations away. Big sigh, that feels awesome! Christmas is fun but by January 1st, I'm ready for something new!

Lately, I've been thinking about goal setting for 2016. In fact, I've joined an online goal setting course with my husband that starts next week. What do I want? What I REALLY want this year is to FINISH CLEANING MY HOUSE. Even though we moved recently and my stuff is more in control, I need to continue purging and tidying and get over this! I want to truly OVERCOME and be FREE of the BURDEN OF EXCESS that has held my life back. I need to know what I have and where it is. Right now, most of it is still in the garage.

As I was sitting at my computer today, I felt an urge to clear away a pile of papers. In this pile of mostly papery garbage, I found something that had been thumb tacked to the wall at the old house. I posted it on the wall to remind me to think about it and try to figure it out because it seemed important.

When I read it today, I was immediately and deeply convicted. It was as if I had NEVER read it before and in fact, when I did read it before, I didn't have understanding. Today brought complete clairty! Ironically, I posted that on my wall last January. It took an entire year for it to make sense!

I won't go into the mechanics of how and why I was convicted, but the result was a sense of being put up in a higher place, being disconnected from the past and being prepared to move forward. What I really experienced was the Lord's forgiveness when I repented and I'm so grateful!

So I have a new mindset and I'm inspired to obey my conscience and put down my selfish ways. THIS is the missing piece. I feel empowered like never before and know how bittersweet surrender can be, but it's time.

BEFORE: shoe shelf

AFTER: shoe shelf

The stuff in front of the shoe shelf has been there since we moved in October. Sitting there blocking the entire laundry area! One of my tasks today was to put that area in order.

It took

-wait for it-


I actually worked for an hour total, wiping down the frig and washer and dryer and cleaning the sink, and organizing the bookcase. Oh sweet relief now that it's tidied up and gone AND my appliances are clean!

Love this little spot for my sun visor,
I'll always know where it is when I need it!

I am in LOVE with Command hooks and a new one got hung to hold my sun visor. I wear the visor when I walk outside and having it on this hook is so handy!

My little notepad, perfect size for tiny notes,
I get these from Planet Whizbang in packs of 10

The Lord showed me many more things I can do-most likely on Monday-and I have a tiny notepad to keep notes so I don't forget. I've also posted that something on the wall in the kitchen so I can remember what the Lord is doing to help me. The realization I experienced today empowered me to do something I couldn't bring myself to do for months...this IS the missing piece!


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